"The Greatest Rock'n Roll Band in The World, Deserves The Greatest Honor "  HOT ROCKS The Premiere Rolling Stones Multi-Media Concert Experience!



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Do you want a group that just plays Stones songs ?  

 "Then, call the other Tribute bands"

Do you want a band with the same Rolling Stones 

Presentation & Energy ?

      It's “Hot Rocks”  

It is NOT just the songs 

or makeup !!!!

   It is the whole package.

 "The World's Greatest Rock n Roll Band, Deserves the Greatest Tribute"

         That is  

  “Hot Rocks in Concert” 

  The Rolling Stones Show


“Hot Rocks”  

The Ultimate Rolling Stones Show

is the Longest running, Most electrifying

Full production Show in the World 

Honoring The Rolling Stones

Performing Nationally & Internationally since 1978


 "The Hot Rocks Show" Takes You on a Theatrical Presentation of 

The Rolling Stones Through the Years  


“Hot Rocks” also has the distinction of being invited by the Rolling Stones to perform at their 1998 Press Conference for the "No Security Tour."

”Hot Rocks” has been honored with an invitation by the esteemed city of Boston to help them celebrate and herald the beginning of The Rolling Stones

 "A BIGGER BANG" 2005 World Tour”. 


Hot Rocks has scored decades of rave reviews in the media.


They hold an astonishing likeness to "The London Legends" and deliver every ounce of an authentic Rolling Stones experience.


Concertgoers will thrill to dead-on renditions of Mick, Keith, and Ronnie. They will also see dazzling costumes, amazing backdrops, and an array of authentic vintage guitars and equipment.


Hot Rocks renders note-perfect performances of all the classic Stones hits.


They have developed a worldwide following of devoted fans, recognized throughout the world as the Ultimate Rolling Stones Tribute Show.


Hot Rocks sets themselves apart from other Stones cover bands.


The members of Hot Rocks re-create The Rolling Stones look, sound & energy. With LIVE concerts from small clubs to stadiums, TV performances, media interviews, private parties, conventions, media events & "The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame", 


 This Band has done it ALL over the Past 35 Years !!!!!!!!!!


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